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Maine Deer Hunting

Directory of 25 Maine Deer hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Maine.

Bosebuck Mountain Camps
2013 Parmachenee Road, Errol, Maine 03579
Phone: (207) 670-0013

As the name of our dining room indicates, the deer in this region are big but can be elusive. We have been more fortunate over the past couple of winters than other parts of the state and the herd in this region is healthy and strong. Bosebuck Mountain Camps’ hunters have the opportunity to hunt mountainous, vast wooded areas where you have a good chance of not seeing another hunter all week. Although this terrain would prompt you to be proficient with map and compass or GPS, there are natural borders such as lakes, rivers and roads that will make some hunters more comfortable in these big woods. Our guides will show or direct you to areas of good game movement and help you with any questions you might have about certain areas. We do have access to gated land north of camp, for an even more remote hunting experience.

Bull Moose Wilderness Adventures
658 Osgood Rd, Springfield , Maine 04487
Phone: (207) 740-0200

Whitetail bucks are the most sought-after game animal in the USA. Come hunt with us! We're here to deliver the Maine adventure you are looking for at an affordable price. We can design a hunt to meet your specific goals.

Camp Katahdin Adventures
23 North Raymond Rd, Grey, Maine 04039
Phone: (800) 621-8203

Trophy Whitetail Deer is wasily, the American Hunter’s #1 Big Game Trophy. And in our neck of the woods of Northern Maine, there are more of them than most anywhere else in the country. Seeing bucks exceeding 200 pounds is not rare; bagging one takes talent, experience, knowledge and a little luck. Camp Katahdin is dedicated to do our part to put you in the way of Maine’s monster bucks, to make your hunt a success and your stay a pleasure.

Cedar Ridge Outfitters
3 Cedar Ridge Dr, Jackman, Maine 04945
Phone: (207) 668-4169

The Jackman area is renowned for consistently producing heavy, big bodied bucks. In fact, since 2007, our local tagging station registered more than 80 bucks that dressed out over 200 pounds, many of which are now recorded in Maine's Skull and Antler record books. Last year alone, 132 bucks were tagged, with dozens in the 180 and 190 pound range and 21 that tipped the scales above 200. The biggest taken by a Cedar Ridge customer, so far, was a massive 260 pounder.

Dillon's Gunsmoke Lodge
352 Stickney Hill Road, Brownville, Maine 04414
Phone: (207) 965-8875

Maine is known for its large bodied deer and a trophy deer is often measured for its body weight and not rack size. Taking a buck that dresses out at 200 pounds or more will get you into the Maine Big Buck Club. These large-bodied deer have longer legs are able to store more body fat enabling them to survive the long Maine winters when food sources are scarce.

Grove Hill Outfitters
125 Big Pine Drive, Brownville, Maine 04414
Phone: (207) 751-1285

Our Fallow Deer Hunts include 3 of days hunting, and 2 nights of lodging with deluxe accommodations and meals. Hunts can be custom tailored to meet your hunting needs. A hunting License is NOT required for Fallow Deer Hunts. 100% Guarantee Kill. If no deer is harvested / wounded, only the deposit is retained. We consider wounded animals a kill, although every effort will be made to recover your deer. A full payment will be required if an animal is wounded.

Hillside Game Ranch
Aurora, Maine 04408
Phone: (207) 584-2004

At Hillside Guide Service all our guides are Registered Maine Guides. Scott Beede, Hillside owner, holds a Master Maine Guide's License. Hillside has over 130,000 acres of woodland available exclusively to Hillside Hunters. This makes for great year after year hunting success. We provide guaranteed active baits for bear, lodging, home cooked meals, guide service, and transportation. We scout throughout the year for the absolute best places to put you so you'll have a great chance at a trophy animal. Besides Bear, Bobcat, and Whitetail we offer guided Moose Hunts and Coyote Hunts. All hunts include 5 days hunting, 6 nights stay in our lodge, transportation, guide service, and home cooked meals. Give us a call or send us a message with our handy contact form and we'll send you a brochure and answer any questions you may have.

Libby Sporting Camps
Oxbow Rd, Ashland, Maine 04732
Phone: (207) 435-8274

Libby Camps has some of the finest trophy deer hunts available in the East. Each year our hunters bag some of the largest deer in the state as can be seen by checking the annual records from the Fish and Wildlife Department. Our average buck is heavy antlered and weighs in at over 180 pounds dressed. deer1Northern Maine's severe winters cull out the weaker, smaller deer giving us a genetically superior white-tailed deer.

Northeast Wilderness Outfitters
296 Cressey Road, Monmouth, Maine 04259
Phone: (207) 933-6107

At Northeast Wilderness Outfitters we offer semi-guided Whitetail deer hunts. This is a 6 day hunt where food, lodging and care of your trophy are included. Give us a call to book your chance to take a trophy Maine whitetail buck. A truly magnificent trophy.

Northern Outdoors
1771 US Rte 201, The Forks, Maine 04985
Toll Free: (800) 765-7238

Northern Outdoors Transforms Into Maine's Premier Hunting Lodge Every Fall. Maine is known as one of the best states in the US for hunting, with its thousands upon thousands of acres of forests and wilderness. It's no wonder that deer, moose, bird, and small game hunting have been a tradition in Maine's North Woods for generations upon generations. Northern Outdoors specializes guided Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts, and also offers bird and small game guided hunting packages. Hunters have enjoyed premium hunting trips with us since 1985. From our experienced, friendly, professional Maine hunting guides to our classic Maine sports lodge and Kennebec River Brewery, you'll find a great guided hunt package that meets your needs.

Oxbow Outfitters
Sheridan Road, Ashland, Maine 04732
Phone: (207) 435-6140

We employ several different hunting tactics depending on the weather, hunters abilities, food sources, and rutting activity. These deer have larger home ranges and are harder to pattern than deer in areas with limited forest cover and concentrated food sources but they still have predictable traits. They favor edges created by two different cover types, such as where a hardwood ridge grades to a softwood swamp. They use stream bottoms, saddles, and long, sloping shelves as travel corridors. Although we try to cater to everyone's needs and abilities the most successful method for us has been from tree stands or blinds overlooking key areas.

Penobscot Bay Guide Service
118 Nickerson Road, Searsport, Maine 04974
Phone: (207) 322-7919

Our Maine Deer Hunts are Bow Hunting only in the months of September and October. These Deer Hunts in Maine will take place on the offshore islands or on the main land in the Penobscot bay region. Most of the islands the Deer populations are thriving almost to the point of over population. Many on Maine Deer Hunts have very large bucks on them with respectable racks even some Pope and Young bucks. There is opportunity to take 2 or 3 Deer of any sex on these Maine Deer Hunts with good placed shots. We have already placed stands or you can bring your own stands. We are hunting over food sources or trails that Deer use to feed. Our shots are 10 to 35 yards. With our TDB duck boats we have the mobility to hunt many islands on the Maine coast not just one or two like others. Most Islands are Spike Camp Set-up with outfitter tents, cots and cooking gear (we do all the cooking so you can hunt). All Maine Deer Hunters arrive the day before the hunt so that they can be transferred to the island for the Maine Deer Hunt.

Pine Grove Lodge
823 Ridge Rd, Bingham, Maine 04920

Pine Grove Lodge is in great Maine deer hunting territory! Bob Howe, the owner, has thousands of acres of public and private lands to hunt on. We can accommodate the gun-hunter as well as the bowhunter with long or close range shots. For bowhunters, we have lots of private farm land to hunt on. Even in recent years, when the deer population is down tremendously, we produce bucks year after year! We take deer hunting very seriously and put in the time and effort needed to make your hunt here the best it can be! We specialize in trophy maine buck hunting. Keep in mind, you may not see as many deer as you would in other states, but you have a greater chance of the bucks you do see being very large!

Pleasant River Guides
289 Pleasant River Rd, Milo, Maine 04463
Lodge: (207) 943-5840

Our fully guided black bear hunts include 6 days of hunting with 7 nights lodging, 3 delicious home cooked meals a day, transportation while hunting and field dressing of your bear. Whitetail deer hunts include 6 days of hunting with 7 nights lodging, transportation while hunting and field dressing of your deer. We cater to small groups of hunters, taking no more than 4 deer hunters per week. We can accommodate individual hunters or a group or organization that would like to book a week exclusively for their friends or members.

Rocky Ridge Guide Service
8 Ridge Rd., Lovell, Maine 04051
Local: (207) 925-6262

Deer hunting in the foothills of the White Mountains in southwester Maine. You will be still hunting or hunting from stands. I only take 4 – 5 hunters a week to keep the hunt on a more personal basis. Maine is a tough state to hunt deer so when you do bag a deer it is well earned. You can also apply for a doe permit, we are in zone 15.

Silverton Sporting Ranch
51 Webb Rd., Canaan, Maine 4924
Phone: (207) 399-3647

Located in Deer Zone 17, where experts estimate a deer population of 20 deer per square mile, we own 400+ acres of mixed hardwood, softwoods, cedar swamp, fields, all loaded with berries, grapes, apples, mast and ponds, all managed for game. Deer averaging 200+ lbs are common. We also have exclusive privileges to another 2000+ private acres, including dairy farm land. We provide guided and semi guided hunts or you can stay with us and hunt your own secret spot.

Skinner Bog Hunt Park
Skinner Bog, Dixmont, Maine 04932
Phone: (603) 455-5789

Our goal at Skinner Bog is to provide every hunter with a challenging exotic hunt in a safe atmosphere. Furthermore, we raise our own, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, and Elk to ensure superior genetics and high meat quality. Please feel free to browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Smoldering Lake Outfitters
129 Snow Road, Bridgewater, Maine 04735
Phone: (207) 429-0910

Low deer densities and millions of acres of contiguous forest translate to a high percentage of older age class bucks. Whitetail hunting in Northern Maine is a unique and challenging experience. Best opportunities to harvest a mature buck are when tracking snow and rut activity combine in this boreal forest.

Spaulding Lake Outfitters
441 Ridge Rd, Oakfield, Maine 04763
Phone: (207) 420-1040

Rifle and Archery hunts available.

Stony Brook Outfitters
55 Morrison Hill Road, Wilton, Maine 04294
Lodge Phone: (207) 778-4077, Cell Phone: (207) 491-8765

Harvesting a trophy Maine buck is truly a memorable experience and will test the skills and abilities of any hunter. Our guides know the area we are hunting and concentrate on areas where there is evidence of big bucks. Our experienced guides are looking for the big rubs and active scrapes. Our terrain consists of rolling hills with a healthy mix of hardwoods and softwoods. We have swamps, beech and oak ridges, some farm land and an occasional abandoned apple orchard.

Sunrise Ridge Guide Service & Sporting Camps
117 Donigan Road, Bingham, Maine 04920
Phone: (207) 672-5551

Guided Maine Deer Hunting trips include 6 nights and 5 days of food and lodging, and have a maximum ratio of 6 hunters to 1 guide. The guide will also hunt with you everyday (5 days total). In our region of Maine, we hunt in many diverse types of cover. The scenery is every bit as spectacular and the trophy white tail deer we pursue.

Sunset Ridge Outfitters
Howland, Maine 04448
Phone: (207) 266-1306

If anyone knows anything about deer hunting, you know Northern Maine is a tough place to fill your tag. However when I hear someone say, "There are no whitetail deer in Maine," I just laugh to myself. Maine not only has whitetail deer, but also some of the biggest bucks that ever breathe the earths air live here.

The Bradford Camps
PO Box 729, Ashland, Maine
Phone: (207) 746-7777

With enough reservations, we will be open in November for a trophy Maine deer hunt. This is "Big Buck" Maine deer hunting in the wildest woods Maine has: over 3 million acres of it! The varied topography and ecology around Munsungan make these woods a whitetail deer hunting haven for which Maine is famously known. Deer hunting at Bradford Camps exposes you to lots of sign in your own hunting ground, undisturbed by other hunters. The North Maine Woods is "Big Buck Country" where the white tail deer are large yet very wary. Deer have been shot in the North Maine Woods well over 300 pounds dressed weight. Generally our tactics are still hunting, with occasional stand hunting. Map and compass proficiency are required for Maine hunting without a guide; most hunters, at least at first, will choose to hire a Registered Bradford Camps guide. A lot of skill and patience are required to bag a trophy Maine deer hunt in this area. The nearby hunting areas are accessible by roads and trails and our Maine guides are fully familiar with the deer activity in each area so your chances of whitetail success at The Bradford Camps are the best in the North Maine Woods. Hunters please bring your sleeping bag for the November deer hunts.

The Village Camps
2466 Forest City Road, Forest City, Maine 04413
Phone: (207) 448-7726

We offer a variety of hunting experiences and a great success rate for grouse, woodcock, waterfowl, small game, deer, and moose.

Three Rivers Wingshooting
373 River Road, Milo, Maine 04463
Phone: (207) 943-7943

Three Rivers Wingshooting is a privately owned and operated pheasant and quail hunting preserve located in central Maine. Hunts are operated seven days a week. Guided hunts are available if needed, or hunter can walk groomed trails on his/her own. Hunters are welcome to bring their own bird dog or, with advanced notice, a dog and handler can be provided. The preserve is located on acreage that offers open fields with great cover for upland game birds, groomed trails and river water access. Three Rivers Wingshooting also offers large game hunts such as moose, deer and bear. Please call for more information.