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Bosebuck Mountain Camps

Bosebuck Mountain Camps
Mike & Wendy
2013 Parmachenee Road
Errol, ME 03579

Contact Info:
Phone: (207) 670-0013


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As the name of our dining room indicates, the deer in this region are big but can be elusive. We have been more fortunate over the past couple of winters than other parts of the state and the herd in this region is healthy and strong. Bosebuck Mountain Camps’ hunters have the opportunity to hunt mountainous, vast wooded areas where you have a good chance of not seeing another hunter all week. Although this terrain would prompt you to be proficient with map and compass or GPS, there are natural borders such as lakes, rivers and roads that will make some hunters more comfortable in these big woods. Our guides will show or direct you to areas of good game movement and help you with any questions you might have about certain areas. We do have access to gated land north of camp, for an even more remote hunting experience.