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Alaska Deer Hunting

Directory of 16 Alaska Deer hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Alaska.

Afognak Wilderness Lodge
PO Box SYB Seal Bay, Afognak, Alaska 99697
Phone: (360) 799-3250

Sitka Blacktail Deer are native to the wet, coastal rain forests of S.E. Alaska but were transplanted to Kodiak & Afognak Islands circa 1930. They are smaller & stockier with a shorter face than other members of the black-tail group. Typical bucks range from 120# to 220#. Normal antler development is 3-4 points/side with very few scoring more than 110 points in Boone & Crockett record book.

Alaska Coastal Marine
4350 Homer Spit Rd., Homer, Alaska 99603
Phone: (907) 262-4359

We offer Kodiak Islands finest deer hunting experience. This vessel based hunt on the extreme southern end of the island puts you in the most productive hunting grounds in the state. You will have the opportunity the hunt trophy sized Sitka Black Tail Deer, a variety of Sea Ducks, and all three types of our local fox (red, silver, and cross). Hunters even have the opportunity to drop a line for a halibut or two. You will be catered to aboard our 65’ yacht (the MV Spirit) as we move from bay to bay keeping you on fresh ground.

Alaska's Valhalla Guide Service
PO Box 39865, Ninilchik, Alaska 99639
Cell: (907) 252-4090

Fall Kodiak Blacktail hunts available. Up to 3 deer per hunter can be taken in this area (trophy fee applies to 2nd and 3rd deer)

Black River Hunting Camps
7362 W Parks Hwy #381, Wasilla, Alaska 99654
Phone: (907) 414-9471

Kodiak Island harbors some fantastic Sitka black tail deer hunting! These under estimated deer are a enjoyable and challenging hunt. Glass hill sides and throughways is great way to spend a November afternoon. It is not uncommon to harvest bucks pushing the 200lb mark.

Coastal Alaska Adventures
PO Box 20034, Douglas, Alaska 99824
Phone: (907) 723-3006

We have taken 25 years experience and turned it into a great hunt for our clients. We will hunt black tails all over SE, depending on weather conditions, snow fall levels and conditions of the rut. Clients have had a great time hunting these beautiful deer and rarely go home empty handed. The Sitka Black Tail is found only in Alaska, and some parts of Canada’s pacific coast. These deer are absolutely beautiful and are a highly under-rated trophy. They are a small relative of the Mule Deer, and can be comparable to the Coues Deer in terms of size and trophy.

Glacier Guides
PO Box 66, Gustavus, Alaska 99826
Phone: (907) 321-2180

Hunting the secretive Sitka Black-tail Deer in the rainforests of southeastern Alaska is a relaxing, yet rather stimulating hunt. Hunts are taken in November, during the peak of the rut, or December, post-rut. Rut conditions and/or snow generally bring the deer down near sea level, however, hunters should be prepared to hike in a forest environment. Hunting is a walk-then-sit style. Bucks during the rut often readily respond to a doe or fawn bleat, coming to a simple call; often at very close range, making for an exciting experience. Post-rut hunts are more spot-and stalk type hunts with shots ranging 100-300 yards.

Gus Lamoureux's Ugashik Lake And Kodiak Bear Camp
PO Box 90444, Anchorage, Alaska 99509
Phone: (907) 248-3230

Sitka Blacktail is a unique species of deer and an often sought after trophy needed for the North American Slam of Deer. Blacktail deer hunting on Kodiak Island is one of the best Alaskan hunts for your money. You can combine great hunting with bottom fishing, bear and goat viewing, duck hunting and on top of all that have some scrumptious seafood treats for meals. This is a relatively inexpensive way to see one of the most beautiful areas of Alaska.

Hunt Alaska Outfitters
513 Bonaparte Circle, Kodiak, Alaska 99615
Phone: (907) 654-7484

Kodiak is a hotspot for Trophy Class Sitka Blacktail Deer. We specialize in High Success for Record Book bucks for Bowhunters and Rifle hunters in an area with few to no Bears to contend with, this is a 7 day hunt. The season runs from August 1st thru December 31st

Kodiak Adventures Lodge
PO Box 521666, Big Lake, Alaska 99652
Phone: (907) 892-1325

If you are wondering where Blacktail deer are found in Alaska, Kodiak Island has a good population of blacktail deer. Kodiak’s deer are much larger then SE Alaska, reaching weights of 175 to 200 pounds, producing some excellent trophies. A big part of the appeal of Kiliuda Bay is the open country and it’s visibility. Hiking up the hillsides while spending time glassing and then stalking is the preferred way for sitka blacktail deer hunting. For the non-hiker it is best to book a later hunt and you can stay down low and quietly wait for the deer to come to you.

Kodiak Bear Guides
6938 Stella Place, Anchorage, Alaska 99507
Phone: (907) 830-2770

Sitka blacktail deer hunts are cabin based, with running water, electricity, fantastic meals, and an amazing view. A typical day of deer hunting leaves from the cabin via boat at daybreak, with a short run to the hunting grounds. Hunts are either full days of hiking, lots of beach cruising by boat, or a combination of the two.

Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote Lodge
PO Box 888, Kodiak, Alaska 99615
Phone: (701) 526-1677

Sitka Black-tailed deer flourish in the Kodiak Islands. Here on Raspberry Island they occasionally visit our yard. Introduced to the area in the 1920s, they are a wonderful animal to pursue. Antlers fork like Mule Deer vs Whitetail, and the big ones can weigh in at over 200lbs. The joy of deer hunting is in the beautiful country, the fresh air, and just knowing that big buck is looking at you or just around the next bend. Antlers make a nice mount and the table fare is delicious.

Larsen Bay Lodge
PO Box 92, Larsen Bay, Alaska 99624
Phone: (800) 748-2238

There are many reasons to consider coming to Alaska to hunt Sitka Blacktail Deer. For some avid deer hunters it is an opportunity to take a different species of deer. For others it is the opportunity to just hunt in Alaska! For outdoor writer, Jim Zumbo, it is the flavor of the Sitka Blacktail that keeps him coming back to Kodiak! He came on a Larsen Bay Lodge Cast & Blast trip in 2005 and this is what he has to say about our deer;

Mileur's Guide Service
P.O. Box 2661, Palmer, Alaska 99645
Phone: (907) 745-1747

I will provide you with true fair chase guides to hunt Brown Bear and Sitka Black tail Deer (Kodiak Island) or Moose, Grizzly Bear, Wolf, Dall Sheep, Caribou (Alaska Range), or Mountain Goat on the dates provided. If they do not meet your schedule, we can arrange a hunt to fit your time and needs. My pleasure will be in guiding you on the most satisfying hunt of your life.

Ninilchik Charters
15750 Kingsley Rd, Ninilchik, Alaska 99639
Phone: (800) 973-4742

The Alaska department of fish and game estimates the number of deer on Kodiak island to be about 80,000 animals. Hunters are allowed to take 3 deer of either sex per year. Most hunters choose to slowly still- hunt with a good pair of binoculars in hand. Some hunters choose to hunt from a stationary position over looking drainages, funnels, and open meadows. Deer can be found down at beach level all the way up into the mountain high grounds. Snow tends to push many deer down off the mountains into the lower ground. Bucks come into rut and begin chasing doe’s around early November, with peak rut being mid-late November.

Paul Brand's Alaska Safari Unlimited
Homer, Alaska 99603
Phone: (907) 252-9091

Travel to the far reaches of Kodiak Island in search of Sitka Blacktail Deer, a variety of sea ducks, and several color phases of red fox. These hunts are truly a real Alaskan adventure. You will fly to the city of Kodiak and fly to the boat via float plane. You will be in some of the most awesome hunting country that North America has to offer on this unguided six day hunt. We take care of the food and accommodations. You just focus on the hunting and memories to last for years to come.

Treasure Hunter Lodge
PO Box 388, Klawock, Alaska 99925
Phone: (907) 738-5000

Treasure Hunter Lodge specializes in conducting fully guided, boat- or lodge based, Trophy Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunts out of Klawock in Southeast Alaska. Klawock is only 6 miles from Craig, AK and they are both located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island, which is the southern-most island in Alaska. Klawock is an easy 2.5 hour flight from Seattle, Washington on Alaska Airlines via Ketchikan.