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Saskatchewan Deer Hunting

Directory of 22 Saskatchewan Deer lodges, guides and outfitters in Saskatchewan.

Bighorn Buck Adventures
Box 358, Pierceland, Saskatchewan S0M-2K0
Phone: (306) 839-4804

We are situated in Northern Saskatchewan. In the Boreal forest where the bush is thick and the deer are big, we offer limited fair-chase whitetail hunts 8 tags and black bear hunts also 8 tags, we also have one of the largest preserves in Sask with 7 miles of perimeter fence, we offer trophy elk and whitetail hunts both guaranteed opportunity, also for September elk hunts you can book a chartered fishing trip on beautiful cold lake, contact us for availability and pricing don't wait any longer book your trip today. Come and hunt where your not just another hunter.

Bone Quest Outfitters
Box 306, White Fox, Saskatchewan S0J3B0
Phone: (306) 227-9637

Our area spans over 100,000 acres of prime trophy whitetail deer habitat on Saskatchewan's forest/ farmland fringe located north of the town of White Fox, Saskatchewan. The area boasts incredible genetics including the largest whitetail non-typical ever harvested in Saskatchewan, a 257 3/8" monster taken by Elburn Kohler in 1957. Since then there have been numerous Boone and Crockett registries from the area including a trophy whitetail buck harvested by a client of Kevin Tourand Outfitting (now Bone Quest Outfitters) that had a net non typical score of 205".

Buck Paradise
Box 186, Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan S0M 2G0
Phone: (780) 214-4638

Saskatchewan Whitetail! Large bodies, incredible antler mass, and pristine wilderness...BOOK YOUR ADVENTURE TODAY!

Dahl Creek Outfitters
Box 645, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan SOE OYO
Phone: (306) 865-2097

Like anywhere else you can hunt Whitetail, we have both young and mature animals. Upon spotting an animal on stand, if your first impression is a "maybe shooter" you should probably put your weapon down. We at Dahl Creek Outfitters encourage all of our hunters to carefully judge an animal prior to committing to the shot, this helps to ensure an expected result while maximizing safety. You'd be surprised how many beautiful deer are shot on the fifth and sixth day.

DNA Guiding & Consulting
Box 164, Waskesiu Lake, Saskatchewan S0J 2Y0
Phone: (306) 961-9162

Saskatchewan is also known to be the best region in Canada to harvest a trophy black bear. DNA Guiding offers spring and fall hunting opportunities for this exciting animal. You will be overwhelmed by the shear beauty and vast habitat that these creatures roam. Nothing compares to the feeling you will have with your first sighting of a black ghost coming silently through the forest toward you.

Dore Mountain Outfitters
Big River, Saskatchewan
Phone: (306) 314-3434

Dore Mountain Outfitters is a hunting business located in Sled Lake Saskatchewan Canada. This is a fully guided lodge to meet everyone's needs.

Elusive Saskatchewan Whitetail Outfitter
RR 1, Richard, Saskatchewan S0M 2P0
Phone 1: (306) 246-4788

Elusive Saskatchewan White Tail Outfitters have taken large Saskatchewan White Tail deer with rifle and bow. While hunting with us you could harvest an 8x8, 7x7, 6x6, 5x5, 4x4, a droptine, a non-typical, or even a Piebald buck. The Elusive Saskatchewan White Tail Outfitters hunting area has some of the best deer habitat and White Tail deer genetics that the Saskatchewan Provincial forest has to offer. The average success rate while hunting White Tail deer with rifle or bow is 80% - 90%. Join our long list of repeat clients, some of which have been with us for as long as 18 years. Book your hunt with us now!

Great Grey Outfitters
P.O. Box 239, Meath Park, Saskatchewan S0J 1T0
Phone: (306) 426-2772

Great Grey Outfitters have been recognized as leaders in managing free range trophy whitetail deer in Saskatchewan since 1996. Our management program combines excellent habitat with remarkable genetic characteristics, and continuous monitoring of both deer and predators. Key to our success is also the emphasis on harvesting adult bucks with a Boone & Crockett whitetail score of 150 or better (a non-trophy fee is applied to bucks with lower scores). These protocols have successfully produced world class whitetails year after year, ensuring our hunters have the best results possible.

Hartland Whitetail Inc
PO Box 344, Elbow, Saskatchewan S0H 1J0
Office: (306) 313-1151

The province of Saskatchewan is home to some of North America’s biggest whitetail deer. Our bucks on average weigh 250+ pounds. There is a limited number of whitetail deer here. The most common trophy size is 200-250” plus SCI. Come to us for Saskatchewan whitetail hunting. Our average buck weight is 250+ pounds.

Highland Outfitters
1196 Bratton Road, Outlook, Saskatchewan S0L 2N0
Phone: (306) 867-9689

Our hunts are done over bait to ensure plenty of deer activity near your stand location. We start our intensive baiting program several weeks prior to the season to ensure that the deer are accustomed to frequenting our bait sites. Each site is maintained regularly throughout the season to hold the deer in the areas we want them and to ensure you are hunting an active bait location. We also utilize trail cameras to help keep track of the big boys.

Kutawagan Outfitters
Box 70, Choiceland, Saskatchewan S0J 0M0
Phone: (306) 428-2032

Whitetail deer thrive in this area, probably because they are almost un-hunted! Our hunting area is over 45,000 acres of prime Saskatchewan forest fringe habitat. We supply excellent accommodations, wonderful meals and professional guiding which includes trophy care and meat handling. We welcome Bowhunters, Black Powder and Rifle Hunters.

Manley Outdoor Adventures
P.O. Box 6, Love, Saskatchewan S0J 1P0
Phone 1: (306) 276-2313, Phone 2: (306) 276-7541

Saskatchewan whitetail deer season runs September 1st through to December 6th. All deer hunts are 6 day hunts. We offer flexible start and end dates to meet your scheduling needs. Our goal is to offer you a personalized hunt with small groups of no more than 5 hunters in camp per week. Arrival: Airport pickup in Saskatoon can be arranged or rental vehicles are available at the Saskatoon Airport. A range is available at the lodge for sighting in rifles. Typical Day: After an early morning breakfast, the guide will transport the hunter to the stand. You will arrive at your stand approximately a half an hour before sunrise, and you will be in your stand for the day. Hunting is done primarily from ground blinds overlooking active baits. Heaters are available if clients desire. You will have a VHF radio with you, and a radio check will done at noon with your guide. Hunting continues for the afternoon and your guide will pick you up shortly after sunset.

McKAY's SISIP Outfitters
PO Box 46, Cumberland House, Saskatchewan S0E 0S0
Phone: (306) 888-7067

The Cumberland House area is home to some of the finest big whitetail bucks, bears, and moose in Saskatchewan. It is a breeding ground for whitetail deer which gives us Trophy whitetail deer hunting. Our white deer have the best of everything, coming from superior natural strong genetics. Natural salt licks help the deer to reach their full mass body size and big racks (4×4, 5×5, and 6×6). We work very hard in all the hunts. We promise you 100% effort of hard work provided by our experienced guides.

MRL Outfitting
Box 1209, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan S0E 0Y0
Phone: (306) 546-0414

We are a Licensed Outfitter of bear and deer in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Let us be your hosts for your best "hunting experience ever". We offer accommodations and services that are second to none! Here’s a little information on what you can expect at Moose Range Lodge. Your day will start whenever you want it to. Breakfast will be served early-mid morning. You are than free to relax or go fishing.

North Star Outfitting
Box 501 , Marwayne, Saskatchewan T0B 2X0
Phone 1: (780) 847-2392

We hunt farm land, fringe, and the deep woods, by stand hunting, spot stalk, and driving many bush roads. We hunt both private and forest land. We have over 50 heated tower stands in Alberta and this allows us to move around depending on wind conditions for scent control. Our stands are set up mainly on deer trails between the feeding and bedding area on 100 ft wide cut lines. Our stand location is about 200 yards from the primary crossing. This gives you as much time as possible to judge and make the shot.

Northern Pine Outfitters
Box 484, Pierceland, Saskatchewan S0M 3K0
Phone: (306) 839-4601

Deer hunts are over bait and can be hunted with rifle, bow or muzzle loader but because of the time of year and the temperatures we have started using more blinds and less stands. Blinds are more concealing and easier to heat. We supply the heat when needed. Patience is definitely an asset when hunting any species of wildlife especially white tail deer.

Overflow River Outfitters
Box 1265, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan S0E 0Y0
Phone: (306) 865-3069

Experience trophy whitetail hunting at its best with Overflow River Outfitters. You can choose between bowhunts or rifles while hunting with our professional guides. The Hudson Bay area of western Canada, is widely known as a choice destination for mature white tailed deer capturing several Boone and Crockett records in the past few years.. Operating since 1962 we have a reputation for delivering quality product and an enjoyable experience for our clients.

Pine Mountain Outfitters
5331 Continental Drive, Butte, Saskatchewan 59701
Phone: (406) 560-5512

Pine Mountain Outfitters, located in Saskatchewan, Canada wants to make your elk hunting dreams come true. With Bull Elk ranging in size from 300 to 500+ inches, and guaranteed success, Pine Mountain Outfitters is your answer for a top quality trophy, elk hunt. We also offer, whitetail deer, buffalo and sheep. Family owned and operated since 1979, we are one of Canada's largest and oldest game ranches.

Proudfoot Outfitters
Spiritwood, Saskatchewan S0J 2M0
Phone: (704) 400-2688

Your connection to the finest Canadian Deer and Bear Hunting Outfitters. What sets us apart? We offer a first class hunt and first class facilities. We strive to give you good hospitality and make each hunter happy. We want to give you “The hunt of a lifetime”. There is one guide to every three hunters. We have experienced and friendly guides. We have warm heated blinds, and good home cooked meals. It’s home away from home.

Safari River Outdoors
Box 2300, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan S9X 1Z5
Phone: (306) 236-3905

Our Saskatchewan whitetail deer hunts are 5 full days of baited stand hunting with the client arriving on Saturday and departing on Friday. Three weeks before the season our guides are out in the area looking for signs and setting up baits, blinds, and cameras. The key to our success is in this preseason work. Through the years, we have learned a great deal about where our deer travel between the 80 to 100 stand sites. With the use of Cuddeback trail cameras we have an even better idea of what awaits our hunters.

Saskatchewan River Hunting and Fishing Camps
1529 East Heights, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 3B4
Phone 1: (866) 486-8727

All of the whitetail hunters who come up to our lodge see deer... that's easy! The challenge is to be in the right place when your "big one" comes in! Saskatchewan is home to the 'Dakota' strain of whitetail deer, the largest Whitetail in North America! We offer you a great chance at these trophy antlered deer using a rifle. Serious whitetail hunters who are looking for a challenge of hunting Northern Whitetail will love our setting! The elements in Saskatchewan (weather) can test even the most seasoned hunters. If you can get your trophy here, you have proven yourself anywhere!

Timberlost Outfitting
Box 271, Leoville, Saskatchewan S0J 1N0
Phone: (306) 821-2726

Timberlost Outfitting offers fully guided Saskatchewan, Canada Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting. Timberlost Outfitting is a Trophy Hunters paradise due to the good genetics, perfect habitat and few hunters, offering great opportunities for bucks over 170". Firearm hunts and archery hunts are offered on a limited basis to maintain a low pressure hunting environment. We have 34 deer tags on 66,000 acres, but may not take 34 hunters if the deer herd appears that number of hunters may not be sustainable to produce trophy bucks.