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Powder Ridge Outfitters

Powder Ridge Outfitters
Jarrid Barry - Owner
1903 Juniata Valley Rd.
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

Contact Info:
Phone: ( 71) 782-0669


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Pennsylvania Whitetail Hunts

At Powder Ridge Outfitters, we hunt all spectrums of the Pennsylvania deer season from early season velvet hunts through the rest of early season, all the way through the pre-rut, peak rut, and post rut/late season. This offers hunters a broad variety of potential experiences when booking a guided whitetail hunt with us. Whether you want to come in mid-August or early January, we have a hunt that will meet your needs.

Preserve Deer Hunts for Any Budget

The preserve whitetail hunts at Powder Ridge Outfitters are categorized based on three main hunt categories: management, trophy, and world class. The hunts are based on the gross SCI antler score of the bucks that we will be pursuing, and the cost of your hunt is dependent on the size of the buck that you harvest. We only harvest deer that are three years old or older, and if a buck does not meet the age criteria of our management plan, it will not be targeted for harvest, regardless of antler size.

Velvet Whitetail Hunts

One of the biggest attractions at Powder Ridge Outfitters is our velvet whitetail hunts. There are not many states with hunting seasons that make it possible for you to harvest a deer in velvet, but if you come to PA at the very beginning of the season, you have a great chance at getting one of these sought-after trophies. If you have always dreamed of putting a trophy velvet whitetail on your wall, give us a call.