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Landwehr Outfitters

Landwehr Outfitters

P.O. Box 182
Jordan, MT 59337

Contact Info:
Phone: (405) 219-1319


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This hunt coincides with the mule deer rut and gives you the best chance to take a trophy mule deer. The bigger bucks are less cautious at this time of year. It is not unusual to see over 10 bucks a day. We primarily hunt trophy mule deer along the shores and foothills surrounding Fort Peck Lake. This area is in the Missouri River Breaks, all of which is in the Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge encompasses over 1.2 million acres and 1500 miles of shoreline, and we have one of a limited number of permits to outfit on the refuge. Typically we use boats to gain access to our favorite hunting areas. The “Breaks” have been known as one of the best mule deer hunting areas in the U.S. for years. Our private ranches also contain some very good bucks! We are also able to offer 1-on-1 hunts, upon request; please call pricing and availability.