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Kansas Farmland Outfitters

Kansas Farmland Outfitters
Steve Hall - Owner / Operator
8358 NW 110th St
Potwin, KS 67123

Contact Info:
Cell: (316) 755-5323


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Kanas Farmland Outfitters is located in Butler County, Kansas which is known as one of the best whitetail deer hunting locations in the state of Kansas. Butler County, Kansas is known for its abundance of farmland which produces crops and nutrients that is essential to grow Trophy whitetail deer. You might even say it’s the perfect habitat for large whitetail bucks. KFO provides habitat that is perfect for large whitetail bucks. The four key ingredients to having a quality deer herd are all found on all of KFO hunting properties. You must have genetics, food, habitat, and a good age structure to produce monster bucks and quality whitetail deer hunting. The genetics here in Kansas are the best in the country. The food and habitat could not be better. With a strict management program in place to preserve growth, KFO has it all when hunting for incredible whitetail bucks.KFO owns and leases some of the best hunting ground in Butler County, Kansas deer hunting territory. The land is scouted year round, thus KFO is not just a seasonal operation.