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Hunter's Rendezvous

Hunter's Rendezvous
John Cole
37816 Cottonwood Road
Monument, OR 97864

Contact Info:
Phone 1: (541) 934-2080



Hunter’s Rendezvous outfits and guides in some of the best Mule Deer habitat and gene pools anywhere in the west. We hunt a huge private area that we have managed for several years to produce world class Mule Deer. We have harvested numerous bucks over 200” from this area and lots of big old management bucks. My management objective is to let all of the bucks with good genetics (a buck that has a chance of busting 180”) grow to at least 7 years old, let them breed some does during the rut, then hunt them during their peak antler growth years. These are the bucks we hunt on our “Trophy Hunts”. This style of management combined with the difficulty of hunting mature Mule Deer bucks pre-rut, also produces some really big bucks that won’t bust 180” ever. These bucks are hunted on “Management Hunts”.