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Dakota Safari Outfitters

Dakota Safari Outfitters
Colby Shearer
P.O. Box 518
Wall, SD 57790

Contact Info:
Phone: (605) 685-8604


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The hunting philosophy of Dakota Safaris and the ranchers on whose land you’ll hunt is to provide a quality trophy deer hunting experience for you and others now and in the years to come. We, therefore, do not promote you shooting anything less than a four-point buck (western count). We aim only to take a few of the big ones each year and thereby preserve a vigorous herd of deer so that year after year we can offer another super hunt, comparable to few others. Hunting this semi-rough terrain can be just about as tough as you want to make it. If you like to walk, there’s plenty of that, and if you prefer to conserve your energy, your guide can locate you to a spot or drive you to strategic points and locations. Ranchers or their employees will guide every hunter to the places where the “wall hangers” reside. The semi-rough terrain is ideal for sitting and spotting or for walking and stalking.