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Alberta Hunts

Alberta Hunts
Justin Harris

Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1R3

Contact Info:
Phone: (780) 898-2955



Deer hunting in Alberta is a very exciting experience. Hunts will be taking place on foot, with atvs, and pickup trucks, driving logging and oilfield roads. The weather will be between 20F and 80F. Deer that are rutting will move during all hours of the day. Once a deer is spotted your guide will establish size and quality of the deer. You should be seeing deer between 120” to 160” and possibly bigger!. If the Deer is a “Shooter” you will pursue all possible shot opportunities. After you have harvested a Deer we will take some great pictures, and skin and prep the animal for the taxidermist of your choice. There may be opportunities to harvest a wolf and or coyote as well. Thank you for taking the interest in hunting Alberta.