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Wild Idaho Outfitters

Wild Idaho Outfitters
George McQuiston
P.O. Box 1176
Challis, ID 83226

Contact Info:
Phone: (208) 252-1053


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Mule deer hunting in Utah’s backcountry units is a very exciting hunt. It will test your patience and resolve as you will probably get the chance to look over several deer and decide what your idea of a “trophy muley” is. Mule deer hunting is unlike any other type of western big game hunting I am aware of. They don’t run screaming through the woods like a lovesick bull elk saying “here I am”, they don’t howl their delight with their latest kill or in searching for a mate like a wolf or coyote, you can’t entice them in with a barrel full of sweet smelling and tasty day old donuts like the always hungry Utah black bear. No these ghosts of the woods require getting up to a high point and judicious use of high quality optics.