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West River Outfitters

West River Outfitters

Mobridge, SD 57601

Contact Info:
Shawn: (605) 848-2934
Christian: (612) 508-4446


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Offering Whitetail and Mule Deer - While hunting deer we will use a variety of tactics such as hunting from blinds, sitting by bales, glassing, and spot and stalk. We maintain our antler size and deer age by being fairly selective in the animals we harvest. By letting the younger bucks go each year, we can offer more trophy deer to our clients. Our passion for wildlife management drives us to only harvest big bucks, cull bucks, and several does each season to maximize our herds population, genetics, and age. By doing so our deer herds are able to survive the pressure that predators, harsh winters, and diseases may throw their way. A good set of optics is necessary while hunting the west. We often pick out animals from the hillsides up to a mile away. It is also very helpful when spot and stalk hunting to be able to keep tabs on the animal while being undetected.